How It Works

Generate discovery responses and requests*

Create unique discovery demands or pull language from prior cases. When responding to demands or interrogatories, responses and objections can be generated automatically.

*Propounding discovery coming soon.

Request files and documents from client

Spare your clients from the confusing legalese and ask for what you need in plain language. Clients can upload files directly via a secure link.

Organize files and share when ready

Consolidate the review of all your client’s responsive files in one platform. Search files and organize by folders. Flag files to share and deliver electronically.

Comply with discovery deadlines on time and with less effort

Time spent using LegalPassage
Time spent not using LegalPassage

Stop using old systems and cut your time handling discovery in half

Document automation

Templates can be created by case type to be used for future cases and customized as needed. User settings can be customized.

Client communication

Secure portal allows for clients to upload documents on an ongoing basis. Notifications and analytics provide visibility on their progress.

File management

Files will be stored in a secure cloud, with bank-grade security. Sort files by folders or used more advanced sorting tools.

Eric B.

“I was wasting so much time on discovery demands. With Legalpassage, I am able to focus on the more important casework that has piled up.”

John S.

“Legalpassage is a game changer. Completely changes how we do discovery.”

Leslie M.

“Legalpassage was really easy to use. I didn’t need to spend a lot of time learning how to get started.”


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Spend less time on discovery and start practicing law again