Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different from all other case management systems out there?

We offer a discovery-specific solution that can be used for any of your cases and that works independently from any other systems in your office.

Does your service work for all discovery responses and areas of law?

Our current version only allows you to create a response to Requests for Production of Documents, Form Interrogatories, and Special Interrogatories for Personal Injury and Employment matters.

How long does it take to start using your service on my cases?

You can start requesting files from your clients immediately.

How long does it take to start using your service on my cases?

You can start requesting files from your clients immediately. In order to generate the responsive document, you’ll first need to upload the request for production that you received so that they can be loaded onto our system- but that can be turned around in a day.

Do I need an account for each attorney in my office?

We save responses and objections per account. Any attorney or staff in an office can log into the same account and collaboratively work on a case, however we recommend that each attorney have their own account so that they can save their unique responses and objections to be used for subsequent cases.

Do I need to schedule a demo?

No. New customers will be offered a tutorial within the application- that can be reviewed at any time. We also offer a chat portal for any customer service needs. The demo is for those who wish to have a personalized walk-thru of the application.

"Legalpassage cuts my time preparing discovery responses in half. Now I don't have to chase down language that I used from similar cases. It's all in one place!"

Erika Jacobsen White
Jacobsen White Law, P.C.

“LegalPassage is a quick and efficient way to get my discovery prepared, organized, and out for review.  It’s straightforward and user friendly interface, as well as helpful support team, have saved me countless hours of time which has greatly benefited my practice and my clients.”

Joseph Kim, Esq.

"As a trial lawyer myself, dealing with discovery obligations became too inefficient. So I created an automation platform that allowed me to focus more on the areas of my cases that needed it."

Sandro Tuzzo
Founder & CEO, LegalPassage

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